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Poor Richard’s News: Ron Paul jumps the shark with shameful tweet and insensitive explanation



First of all, we generally like Dr. Paul around here, especially on fiscal matters. However, his tweet today regarding murdered Navy Seal Chris Kyle was completely wrong-headed, insensitive, and foolish. It’s as if Paul doesn’t understand the difference between combat and murder.

Chris Kyle…

Sorry “Poor Richard’s News,” you have no idea what you are talking about.

Chris Kyle created a brand around long-distance murder and created a business—a best-selling book and a weapons instructor gig—around the fact he was an enthusiastic killer for the war machine. That is the “lives by the sword” part of Ron Paul’s remarks.

It is worth remember that Kyle chose to become a public figure with the publication of his autobiography where he brags about killing 160 people. That Kyle leaves behind a family is a tragedy and no one is gloating about it., not the least Ron Paul. The truth is that Kyle—enthusiastic killer for Empire—is also a victim of that same injustice. He is a casualty of our  wars, a victim of this country’s unquenchable bloodlust, downed by another veteran whose mind is ruined by these ceaseless conflicts.

The only “shame” in this is that as Americans we happily consume such warporn. The only “shame” is that a market that exists for books the glorifying the violence of our military personnel. What is next? A tell-all book about the Haditha Massacre?

Ron Paul stated the obvious here: a man who glorified his own violence met his end just as violently.

(via anarcho-americana)

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